About Us


In 2016, the Borough Cup received tremendous validation as a recipeint of a Youth Baseball Partnerships Grant from the Major League Baseball Player's Association. The tournament was honored alongside initiatives by players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Curtis Granderson, and Andrew McCutchen at a special ceremony at Citi Field last June.     Former Mets GM Omar Minaya, a native of the Dominican Republican who was raised in Queens, was a driving force in securing the funds. Minaya has been a passionate proponent of promoting youth baseball in NYC for his entire adult life and has made that a priority in his role as Special Advisor to the MLBPA.

"So much of who I am today can be attributed to the opportunities I got from the great game of baseball,'' Minaya said. "Growing up in Queens, baseball provided valuable life lessons and a healthy option after school, on weekends and throughout the summer.To be able to give back to young baseball players in the city is something every players thrilled to be apart of. The Borough Cup is helping to keep the game we love thriving.''